The Space Force December 20th, 2019


The United States Space Force will be the first new service branch in more than 60 years and will be initially led by Gen. John W. “Jay” Raymond who will now have a seat on the Joint Chiefs of Staff


Secretary of the Air Force Barbara M. Barrett praised the formal creation of the U.S. Space Force Dec. 20, identifying it as a critical capability in defending the nation and pledging that the first new branch of the military since 1947 would be established with speed and clarity of purpose.

Global network concept.

“The launch of an independent U.S. Space Force propels us into a new era dedicated to protecting U.S. national interests and security in space,” Barrett said. “We will work with (Department of Defense) leaders, Congress, our joint military teammates, industry and our national security partners as we establish the Space Force to ensure continued American leadership in space.”


Space is essential to America’s security and prosperity, so much so that a branch of the military dedicated to its defense and “rules-based” future is required.


THE SPACE FORCE GOAL is to not just become a force that can wage war beyond the Earth but to deter war, to demonstrate to enemies of the United States that attacking its space assets would be folly. A space war with both sides attacking the satellites of the other would be catastrophic for both parties. The Space Force will be an expression of peace through strength. It will develop ways to defend against attacks on America’s space infrastructure while placing that of an enemy at risk of destruction.


A considerable number of Democrats voted for the bill that contained the Space Force. They did so in return for a provision that allowed for 12-week family leave for federal workers. Thus, space-faring, war-fighting military service was born, thanks to good, old-fashioned backroom wheeling and dealing.




So on this date December 20th, 2019 you see what the May 15th Prophecy told you would occur with 100% Accuracy!


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